Insurance information

Insurance information

Individuals who have dental insurance under the New Brunswick Social Services must be aware of the specifics of their coverage. All treatments that fall outside of the listed covered expenses will be billed to the patient and must be fully paid on the day of the treatment.

Payment must be made at the time of treatment; we accept cash, debit, cheque, Visa and MasterCard. For clients with dental insurance, we offer electronic billing directly to your insurance. If your insurance does not accept direct billing, we ask that you pay for your treatment and claim a reimbursement from your insurance company. If your insurance plan only covers a certain percentage of the total cost of treatment, we require that you pay the difference on the day of treatment.

Your dental health is important to us; therefore, we recommend treatments according to your needs and not according to your dental insurance company contract. For instance, if your dental health requires more frequent scaling or cleanings, and your coverage is only for once a year, we will recommend you to pay the difference. We are there to take care of your teeth and not to answer to the restrictions of each dental plan.

If your dental treatments require laboratory work ( full dentures, partial dentures, crowns, fixed bridges, etc.), payments of 50% of the total cost is requested when your case is sent to the laboratory.

For orthodontic treatment, we will design a payment method that will be completed by monthly payments and must be fulfilled within the treatment period.

Interest charges will be made on all overdue accounts at the ongoing bank rate.

If you are uncertain of your insurance coverage, we are able to send pre-determinations to your insurance. More often than not, the insurance will require radiographs, photos, or models of your dentition. This is commonly requested in more elaborate treatment plans. Sometimes the insurance company will send you the answer for the requested pre-determination and not to our office. Please forward this information to us and we may be able to explain it to you and proceed to scheduling the treatment within the time limit set forward by the company.